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Dear Parent,


We feel honoured to have you as a part of THE GYANAYA FAMILY.

Kindergarten can be an exciting time! For many students, kindergarten will be their first experience with school. This lesson will share generic rules and procedures for a successful school year!

Kindergarten! The first year of school. Students are torn between spending the first two weeks crying because they want their mommies or wanting to touch, feel, and sample everything around them.

Regardless, the first official year of school cannot be under-estimated. It is very important that kindergarten students are positive and productive because this school year will set the tone for future years. Having well-established rules and procedures for students can guarantee a smooth school year - and happy students!


The first few weeks when a child is settling into an early years setting is a time of crucial importance to their later happiness in the setting. All children are individuals and while some children will adjust fairly easily to the new environment and new routines, others will take longer to feel comfortable and secure.

We settle babies and children into the play group with warmth, care and a great deal of experience. This is what we do. It can be a little unsettling for small children to find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and we aim to make those surroundings feel familiar as soon as possible. We do this by supporting your child to form attachments with staff, establishing a routine and giving lots of reassurance and cuddles. Many parents are surprised how quickly their child settles and goes happily to see their new friends: the staff and the children in their class.


  • 1. E-Connection: We feel it’s of paramount importance to have a well-established connection network with the parents for smooth functioning of children’s studies. Therefore, we have an SMS service wherein we send informative messages to the parents on their shared numbers under the name “GYANYA”.
  • 2. PTM: It is very pertinent for both the parents to attend Parent Teacher Meet as and when held in school for better understanding of their child’s development.
  • 3. Trust: We believe that a relationship works well only whentrust is established between the parents and the teachers of the school, therefore, we request the parents to show considerable amount of trust in the teachers.


A time enjoyed most by the kids as they socialize a lot while having their meal. Healthy lunches and snacks are important for active children. It is important to offer healthy lunch box choices. Tips include fresh fruit, crunchy vegetables and a combination of protein, dairy and carbohydrate foods. In an event your child has severe food allergy, kindly inform us beforehand.


A detailed monthly planner will be shared with parents every month, describing the planned activities for the students. Parents are requested to keep track of the activities through the same.


  • 1. Parents are requested to go through their wards school diary regularly and sign teacher’s remarks, if any.
  • 2. Parents must check that their child carries books/ notebooks according to the time table mentioned in the school diary.


1. All students should be habitually clean and neatly dressed.

2. Students not adhering to the school uniform code may be sent home even during examinations.

3. Parents are requested to send their ward in neat and clean and appropriate size uniform. Students should not wear faded, over-size or small-size uniform.

4. Girl students are requested to wear “cycling shorts” underneath their skirt.

5. Accessories like watches and stud earrings, should not be worn to school.

6. Long nails and use of nail polish is forbidden. Checking shall be done every day and a fine of Rs. 10/- calculated per day shall be collected from the parents during PTM’s. Application of mehendi / henna is to be avoided. An application seeking prior permission can be submitted to the Principal for applying Mehendi.


1. 75% attendance is must for a student to appear in final examination.

2. Failure to appear in any examination conducted in the school will affect the promotion of a student.

3. There is no provision of RETEST in any subject if a pupil is absent from an examination for any reason.

4. Students suffering from acute illness should not be sent for examination/ test. In such cases, the pupil will be assessed on basis of her performance in other tests/ Examinations.

5. In all questions of promotions or failure, the Principal’s decision will be binding and final.


Children are allowed to wear their birthday dress. However, DISTRIBUTION OF GOODIES/ GIFTS is not allowed.


1. Attendance in the morning assembly is compulsory as we take disciplinary action against the defaulters.

2. Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers in or outside class rooms without the permission of the Principal.

3. Parents are requested to adhere to the school timings very strictly.

4. Parents are requested to submit a leave application addressed to the Principal for any leave taken by their ward, explaining the absence of their children.

5. A student who remains absent for more than 10 days without prior intimation may have his/ her name stuck off from the school record.

6. Parents are requested to refrain from sending lunch boxes/ notebooks of their wards during school hours.

7. Criticism of a teacher in presence of a child must be strictly avoided as it causes students to lose respect for their teacher with the consequent failure to learn from her, thus retarding the child’s progress.

8. Students are not allowed to bring crackers, holi colours, Walkman, cell phone, cameras, i-pods, mobile phones, laptops, CD and any other electronic appliances to the school. If confiscated, it will be returned at the end of the academic year.

9. Scribbling on the walls, desks and boards is strictly forbidden. Any kind of damage done to school property shall have to be made good by the offender or his/her parents or guardian.

10. Unknown persons, relatives, or servants will not be allowed to collect the child from the school. Only parents are allowed to come and fetch their child from school in case of emergency or any unforeseen situation.


1. Parents are requested not to use mobile phone in the school premises. NO MOBILE PHONE WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE PRINCIPAL/ DIRECTOR’S OFFICE.

2. Parents are expected to play their part by ensuring regularity and discipline of their children and to see that their children prepare their lessons daily.

3. Parents must make arrangements to take their child home as soon as the school gets over.The school will not be responsible after the school hours.

4. Parents will reach their children to the school gate only.

5. No pupil suffering from contagious diseases should be sent to attend the school.

6. Gifts to teachers or other demonstration in their honour is not allowed in the school.

7. No student will be sent home even if some urgent need arises unless the person who comes to fetch her has a note of authority from the parents/guardian.

8. Withdrawal of your child from class for mere social function is not recommended, as it retards his/her progress in school and minimizes the respect for regular hard work.

9. Private tuitions are strongly discouraged.