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AT THE GYANAYA SCHOOL, We believe in our motto that knowledge is the supreme power which aims to nurture children who are compassionate, respectful, caring and loving. We at The Gyanaya School want to enable every student to develop their full potential by stimulating right kind of learning experiences that cover a wide range of effective and relevant set of activities. The environment of THE GYANAYA SCHOOL is a perfect blend of modern teaching pedagogy and cultural values so that we deliver intellectual and ethical citizens. We nurture the young minds so that they can think critically, creatively and independently to achieve academic and personal goals We at The Gyanaya School have created the perfect ambience for learning that is healthy, safe, warm and enduring. And while co-creating, we accomplished what we wanted sooner than we imagined, envisioning educating beyond the Kingdom of academic excellence with a focus on preparing our students to lead a happy, meaningful and balanced life, contributing towards the progress, prosperity and peace of the society at large. With this mission and vision we aim to nurture children who grow up to be responsible for their family, The Society, The nation and The World at large. We are obliged to the parents who have bestowed their faith on us and have chosen us to anchor the journey of learning for their children.


Love, learning and understanding, are the meaningful words that makes us believe in the proper intellectual development of the child. It is in these three words that our philosophy is based. At Gyanaya we believe that we need to be a vital extension of your family, sharing love and concern for your children and work together to build a foundation for their happiness and success. Our intent is to give back to childhood its inner calm and playfulness.